Extended Monaco

The Prince's Government supports Monegasque companies in their digital transition via the Extended Monaco Program, allowing them to integrate new technologies into their activity.

Personalized support

Any business wishing to continue to grow and develop must at some point take the plunge. digital transition. This is essential for the competitiveness of the company and maintaining employment. The Prince's Government is supporting Monegasque businesses in this change by providing a complete course ranging from digital maturity self-diagnosis to project financing, including the identification of the right Monegasque expert. We can be that expert!

Businesses can also benefit from help with a digital transition project, it's about “Blue fund”.

How to benefit from it?

First step towards defining a digital strategy: online self-diagnosis of digital maturity. It allows the company to situate itself and identify the issues and priority areas of its digital transition.

To help you make this transition: dematerialization of processes or documents, transition to electronic pay slips, site redesign, etc., the Extended Monaco for Business (EME) platform directs you towards digital professionals able to support you, we are part of it and can be your digital partner.

THE Blue Fund aims to promote the economic recovery via digital technology by meeting three objectives:

  • Develop the digital maturity Monegasque companies;
  • Promote an ecosystem favorable to the digital economy ;
  • Supporting the Monegasque food industry digital services for businesses.

On a co-financing principle, the Blue Fund supports digital transition projects that meet these objectives.

The Government Teleservice “ Benefit from assistance from the Blue Fund » is dedicated to it.

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The Blue Fund

Firstly, you can consult us to evaluate the eligibility of your project for the Blue Fund.

If you decide to continue the adventure we will define the project together in order to achieve the estimate.

When everything is ready, you submit your file on the dedicated Teleservice.

You generally receive a return within 6 weeks. Depending on the project and its impact, the Blue Fund can take responsible for up to 70% of the project cost.

Our advices

In order to be eligible, the applicant company and its digital transition project must comply with the following criteria:

Business criteria:

  1. Be duly registered with Trade and Industry Register from the Principality or have valid ministerial authorization;
  2. Justify a real activity in the Principality;
  3. Be up to date with all your legal obligations (fiscal, social, administrative, etc.);
  4. Having achieved its digital maturity self-diagnosis on the eme.gouv.mc platform.

It is also recommended to have completed at least one module in the “ Train yourself digitally » of the platform.

Criteria relating to the digital transition project:

  1. The project must be part of a digital transition plan meeting one of the following three purposes:
    • Improved customer experience and sales (increased visibility, new sales channels, overhaul of the customer front office, customer relationship management, etc.);
    • Improved productivity (use of digital HR, financial management and purchasing solutions, implementation of electronic signatures, dematerialization of processes, etc.);
    • Launch of new business models relying on digital technology (for example: creation of services on the sovereign Cloud);
  2. The project must be creator of added value (job creation, increase in turnover, etc.).
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We look forward to starting a new project with you

Let’s take your business to the next level!