Our know-how

👩‍💻Our strength : when one of our clients sends us their need, we do “tailor-made”, we understand the needs and the context of the team and look for: 

🎯The right profile for the right need 

Customer on-boarding process

To understand

  • Understand the need: let's discuss together what you need on the technical aspect but also on the human level 📑

The right profile

  • The right profile for the right need: After a long research process, we send you THE profile you need. We don't do quantity but quality 👌

Customer exchange

  • Interview together: If you think our candidate is the right fit, let’s set up an interview :)


  • Let's sign: You fell in love with our candidate, so let’s sign! 🤝

Candidate on-boarding process

Let's get to know each other

  • Let's get to know each other: made contact by Sébastien our super recruiter. Let's discuss you, us, your journey and the projects we can carry out together 🚀

The project

Presentation of the project made for you: If we think we have THE project that suits you, Sofia our director will contact you to meet you and present the project to you ⏩


  • Get ready: We support you in preparing for the final interview 🏋️‍♂️


  • Final interview : Meet with your future manager where we will be there to support you 🧑‍💼


Let's sign : When you're up for this new adventure, let's sign together 🤝

Your arrival

Waiting for your arrival : We are always available to answer your questions and support you as best as possible in this change process 📞


Welcome to Synergie !

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Our expertise

Our consultants support our clients in the areas of development, systems administration, network engineering, cybersecurity or even on AMOA in specific professions. 

We look forward to starting a new project with you

Let’s take your business or career to the next level!